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ISTE 2011: Building Learning Communities with Google Apps for Education

School districts all over the nation have discovered the simplicity and usefulness provided by Google Apps.  Today’s panel of educators featured a tech infused math teacher from PA, a tech coordinator/newly appointed superintendent from IA, and a college professor  from PA; many professionals from all over the country spoke of their success with Google Apps.

It amazes me that Google provides this all for free!

I also got the chance to visit the Google booth and score some sweet Google sunglasses!  For free!

Our district is testing for a fall launch and I am excited to be on board.  My classes use docs, forms and spreadsheets daily already so I’m interested to see how things change.

I’m looking into migrating my docs files from my personal account to a new account.   Does anyone have experience with this?


ISTE 2011: Tammy’s Top 20 Favorite Web Tools

Tammy Worcester has a list here of her top 20 web tools.

Here are my favorites:

Jam Studio

Build songs quickly and easily for free online, similar to Garageband.  Students love to rap and write songs!

Skitch (Mac) / Jing (Mac/Windows)

Skitch is a simple screencapture program for mac.  The annotations are the best feature, which gives a simple way to add arrows and text to your screen shots.


(Similar to Twitter, only threaded)

Please find me on Plurk, I plan to grow another learning network here for edtech.

Tammy is an iGoogle and Google Reader fan!  I’ll be sure to dig through her feeds!

Observing Students: What Technology Are They Using?

Shelly Blake-Plock at posted her observations in this article:

The Lenape Regional High School District asked our students what technology they use in this survey:
What do you see students using when communicating and learning in our hallways and lunchrooms?

Connect with Ideas for Teachers…

Here is an article that can help any teacher connect with great ideas:

Alternatives to Collective Punishment

Sometimes an individual or group behaves in a way that is not productive for the entire group.

Repetition of behavior that is not productive presents a challenge for the entire group.

Larry Ferlazzo posted the article “Alternatives to Collective Punishment” where he commented on his experience: “ask students to consider the impact their actions have on others, and ask them to try to work it out among themselves. In my eight-year teaching career, this has almost always resulted in stopping the inappropriate behavior and, I hope, students gaining some added maturity.”

Here is a Google Form that will be used to discuss alternatives to collective punishment.