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2014 Professional Development Planning

Shawnee High School Teachers have the option to join discussion groups for the following topics:

  • Basic Computing Techniques and Questions
  • Eboard Ideas
  • Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Forms, and Presentations Ideas- Collaboration and assessment tools.
  • Build a free website using Google Sites.
  • Build a free Website using WordPress.
  • IPad Apps Discovery Group
  • Edtech tools in your classroom discussion group.
  • Share a lesson you think is awesome discussion group.
  • Digital Design and Layout Group-Photoshop, Editing Files for Presentations.
  • Flipped classroom video creation tools, delivery and assessment.
  • Join the Schoolwires Pilot Program Group.

and anyone can sign up for the group here.

We will use Wiggio for group discussion via email, or it can be set up for text messages.  The goal is to share useful information with everyone.  You can post messages to the group in Wiggio or send a group email using the group address.  Replies via email or Wiggio will be sent to the group; you can set your mail preferences when you log in to Wiggio.  If you’d like more information on using Wiggio in your classes or clubs click here:

It has been very useful for Shawnee TV!


Forgetful students? Wiggio part 2 and Google Calendar Connections

So far, students really like Wiggio for out of class communication with our club/production teams.

It was really simple to get them set up (see part 1) and they are using it often, which is a good indicator.  It also has a really good app that works (the Edmodo app never worked for me with sending alerts to my groups).  Students had their account set up in under a minute and some had the app installed right away, the site has simple directions and the user interface makes sense.

I think Google Calender is perfect for clubs, and you can create (and share) multiple calendars for classes, teams or activities.  Sharing the calendar is easy- click the button next to the calendar name and “share this calendar”, then add the email address you want to have access, either as the editor or viewer.  I set my calendar to public, so anyone can view, and add my club secretary as an editor.  They add all the events and descriptions.  Here is how to set it up:

Then all you have to do is click one button to export and add the calender dates to Wiggio, and BAM! your done.  Forgetful students who sign up for your group can now get alerts from your calendar according to their preferences.  Super easy, saves a lot of time.

Forgetful students? Send them mass text alerts for calendar events or direct mass texts/emails.

I received this request:

How well do you know the EdModo website?  We want to use it more often next year for our Junior Executive HR and we were wondering if you knew how to use the full extent of its features.  Right now we use it for the text message system, but we saw there is a Calendar option and Google Docs option as well.  If you have some free time over the next week or so (or if you even have a tutorial on it somewhere) could you work with us on becoming better Edmodo users?

Edmodo is nice for mass texts, but it cannot send alerts for calendar dates.  It can export the calendar to Google Calendar or any other calendar program, but you wouldn’t need to do that. (you could just use a Google Calendar and share that with your students).

We could try  It’s simple:  You create an account with your school email address, then a group name and password.  Students go to, create an account with an email address or via their Facebook account and enter the group name and password.  The group members can enter their cell phone information in their profile to receive text messages.

The group admins or members can post out to the group directly or create text and email alerts with calendar events! depending on how you configure the group.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 7.51.19 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 6.54.49 AM

Here is a tutorial:

2013 Shawnee Edtech Poll Results and Questions

The polls are in!  There were a few surprises I did not anticipate- the most used technology is YouTube, with eBoard a close second.  The most important thing I’d like to promote is discussing how we use technology.  We’ll be promoting successful uses of technology in the classroom at our meetings.  The most successful collaboration we’ve had at Shawnee quickly showcased different edtech tools on the web, and we discussed how we could use it in our classrooms.




  • What is the most exciting thing about YouTube specific to your class?
  • What type of collaboration happens beyond the video?
  • Do you use a comment or public forum online?


  • What is successful about using eBoard?
  • Is there anything you’d like to change or do differently?

Google Docs:

  • What has been successful?



  • What apps are proving successful in the iPad pilot program?  Is anyone else finding use for apps?
  • The other technologies in the poll are more for communication and collaboration- what has been successful?



  • Do you have a need to have all the websites important to you get “fed” to you in one place?
  • Do you find different information via print, television, on the internet?  Do you share that information with your classes or colleagues?  How?

Edtech Poll

What are we using in our classrooms this year?  Let’s collaborate on what works and what doesn’t so we can make suggestions for next year.  Where do we want to go from here?  Are you interested in trying something new?  Please answer  with a comment below and fill out the anonymous polls.

Please leave a comment below discussing anything you are excited about using, or find unsuccessful.  Please discuss any you’d like to try.  Pretty please.

Are you using the following:

if yes please add me to your circles (bpistone).

if yes please follow me (bpistone).

Collaboration Example: Filming an advertisement for your club or activity

Did you see the promo today?

Here’s how it was produced:



Matt wants the Mix It Up commercial to air this Friday, Oct. 26th…is there anyway you can have someone film us Tuesday afternoon? If so, can I meet with the student on Monday at some point to explain what we want.

If not, would I be able to borrow a camera and do it myself? And then have one of the kids edit it for me.

 Let me know,

Melissa DerPilbosian


Do you have a script/plan?

Brian Pistone


I have an idea at this point, but I’ll have the script over the weekend. Do you want me to send it you when I get it done?

Melissa DerPilbosian


Hey Brian,

Attached is the mini script/skit that we want to air for Mix It Up Day. It’s pretty basic…a mini explanation, then kids mixing up 3 different times into phrases. When it gets edited, I thought we could speed up the “mixing up” parts so it cuts down on airtime. During the mixes, we could play a song for about 1 minute.

 I have the letters printed already and I have the 4 students lines enlarged so they can read it as they are being filmed. While you are meeting with your students, I would prep mine.

Let me know your thoughts,

Melissa DerPilbosian


Mix It Up Day Script

4 Students standing in a group
1 – It’s national Mix It Up Day on Tuesday, Oct 30th.
2 – Shawnee decided to Mix Up during the lunch periods.
3 – We are really excited because it gives us an opportunity to make new friends and appreciate our differences.
4 – This will make us stronger!
Play “stronger” by Kanye West for 1 minute (while students are mixing up letters)
Students in video holding letters and mixing it up 3 different times


Love it!

I suggest shooting 1 student at a time with their testimonial lines, then showing the group at the table.

For Friday shows we never air anything  with copyright (music, pictures, video) because it goes on our website and we submit it for awards.

If you want to air it on Friday we’ll need to change the song.

Sent from my iPhone

Brian Pistone


I would like it to run on Friday, and I understand about the copyright issue, but what if we only played a fragment of the song? Either way I’ll try to look for music that’s not copy written.

Melissa DerPilbosian

Tuesday 10-23-12

Brief Meeting Notes:

Shot after school that day.  Media transferred to a computer and rough edit started.

Wednesday 10-23-12

Finished editing.  Approved. Exported and checked for broadcast.

Thursday 10-24-12

Aired on the Wake Up.  Music changed for Friday Renegade Morning Show.  Approved. Exported, checked for broadcast.