Collaboration Example: Filming an advertisement for your club or activity

Did you see the promo today?

Here’s how it was produced:



Matt wants the Mix It Up commercial to air this Friday, Oct. 26th…is there anyway you can have someone film us Tuesday afternoon? If so, can I meet with the student on Monday at some point to explain what we want.

If not, would I be able to borrow a camera and do it myself? And then have one of the kids edit it for me.

 Let me know,

Melissa DerPilbosian


Do you have a script/plan?

Brian Pistone


I have an idea at this point, but I’ll have the script over the weekend. Do you want me to send it you when I get it done?

Melissa DerPilbosian


Hey Brian,

Attached is the mini script/skit that we want to air for Mix It Up Day. It’s pretty basic…a mini explanation, then kids mixing up 3 different times into phrases. When it gets edited, I thought we could speed up the “mixing up” parts so it cuts down on airtime. During the mixes, we could play a song for about 1 minute.

 I have the letters printed already and I have the 4 students lines enlarged so they can read it as they are being filmed. While you are meeting with your students, I would prep mine.

Let me know your thoughts,

Melissa DerPilbosian


Mix It Up Day Script

4 Students standing in a group
1 – It’s national Mix It Up Day on Tuesday, Oct 30th.
2 – Shawnee decided to Mix Up during the lunch periods.
3 – We are really excited because it gives us an opportunity to make new friends and appreciate our differences.
4 – This will make us stronger!
Play “stronger” by Kanye West for 1 minute (while students are mixing up letters)
Students in video holding letters and mixing it up 3 different times


Love it!

I suggest shooting 1 student at a time with their testimonial lines, then showing the group at the table.

For Friday shows we never air anything  with copyright (music, pictures, video) because it goes on our website and we submit it for awards.

If you want to air it on Friday we’ll need to change the song.

Sent from my iPhone

Brian Pistone


I would like it to run on Friday, and I understand about the copyright issue, but what if we only played a fragment of the song? Either way I’ll try to look for music that’s not copy written.

Melissa DerPilbosian

Tuesday 10-23-12

Brief Meeting Notes:

Shot after school that day.  Media transferred to a computer and rough edit started.

Wednesday 10-23-12

Finished editing.  Approved. Exported and checked for broadcast.

Thursday 10-24-12

Aired on the Wake Up.  Music changed for Friday Renegade Morning Show.  Approved. Exported, checked for broadcast.


3 responses to “Collaboration Example: Filming an advertisement for your club or activity

  1. Great post Brian – thanks.

  2. Mix-It-Up Day-Celebrate!! Great job, Melissa and Brian 🙂

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