Be a Zen Searchmaster or Build a Network of Intelligent Friends…

I enjoy answering questions.  Not knowing the answer to a question is even more fun.  The novelty brings about new learning.  I enjoy the challenge.

I frequently use Google (surprise!) to answer most questions, most times using simple key words or phrases.  More difficult questions sometimes require having to narrow the search with quotations around phrases for exact results or using “+” or “-” then the word that must be included or excluded in the search.  That usually does the trick, but in extreme cases we can further refine the search or use other search engines, and I also enjoy user moderated message boards for specific topics.

For difficult questions unanswered by quick searching I ask direct questions to colleagues or my professional network of intelligent friends.  Most recently Google+ has added to the ease of asking direct questions to a large group of smart people.  I have “circles” for LRHSD, Shawnee Teachers, ed tech leaders, photographers, videographers, editors, graphic designers, students, clubs, ect…

If you are on Google+ please add me.

Setting up networks on Google Reader, +, Twitter, and Facebook have simplified answering questions.  Now you just have to ask the right questions.

Which networks are working for you?


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