Listening to your students, self-evaluation, reflection…

I asked my  communication technology 2 and 3 students to fill out an anonymous evaluation of my course and teaching on a google form.

The results  are mostly positive with some criticism that I am unsure of.

I stress professionalism and appropriateness in the media my students create.  It seems that half of the students in the class I’ve worked with for 3 years have varying levels of negative feedback for the strict values enforced.  Some mentioned that they felt pressured (either by strict deadlines or guidelines) and that made the course less fun.

The positive responses noted more general praise than giving specific reasons; however the responses with reasons included:

  • being persistent and determined
  • overcoming adversity, laziness or other challenges
  • problem solving
  • learning new technology
  • creative inspiration
  • patience and time

I am pleased to have honest results but I think the evaluation form should include more specific questions:

  • Describe what was successful about the course.  Why was it successful?
  • What would you change if you were the teacher?  How would it be helpful to future classes?  What are potential issues for the changes?

I will ask my classes to give their insight on the results and maybe to clarify their thoughts with the new questions.


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