Observing Students: What Technology Are They Using?

Shelly Blake-Plock at TeachPaperless.com posted her observations in this article:

The Lenape Regional High School District asked our students what technology they use in this survey:

What do you see students using when communicating and learning in our hallways and lunchrooms?


3 responses to “Observing Students: What Technology Are They Using?

  1. I have two daughters 17 and 15. They both use facebook occasionally especially the 15 yo. They both don’t use IM or email anymore. Mostly they text. Thousands of texts a month.

  2. I also see a large amount of texting with my students. I guess that is more direct than other forms of communicating.

    I’m surprised that the article puts skype ahead of facebook in the amount of students observed. It must be due to the school blocking it.

  3. text, text, text and more text….I’ve observed some using apps like textfree (or similar) to chat via wifi off of their cell (this would shut out parental monitoring too). There’s some twitter use, almost ALL have a facebook page (not sure how active), but not nearly that many have a skype account as her report suggests. When we skyped the Aunt of a student (who lives in Okinawa) last month just after the big earthquake, I could tell that many if not most of the students in my class had never used or even seen skype before. Email to most of my students is considered much more formal communication (like something they send to a teacher or to their grandparents). Very interesting article…thanks Brian!

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