Test Drive a Chrome Notebook (or 25 of them…)

I just submitted my application to test drive 25 notebooks with my classes.

Here are my answers to Google’s questions:

Why is your organization ready for a notebook that only accesses the web and web apps?

We are in the process of developing a network for collaboration between 4 large high schools that make up our district and many students and teachers are looking for a simple device to connect with one another.

How would you and your team use Chrome notebooks?

We will use docs for shared note taking where students will have laptops to collaborate on a smartboard while we discuss topics. We will use spreadsheets for organizing events and crew positions, and forms for polling and ordering media. We will use calendars to organize shoot dates and for sharing calendars with the district television station, the school staff and the overall district calendar.

We also are in the process of developing a wiki style network of curriculum that we constantly update and add docs links and web hyperlinks to helpful information.

Gmail is my personal email account and I read over 1000 articles per day with Reader. I also write an education technology blog where I am currently commenting on my experiences of instructing teachers on Google Apps for education.

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