Free Wolfram Alpha Webinar Series

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From the Wolfram Alpha Blog:

We’re pleased to announce a series of free, live Wolfram|Alpha|Alpha Back-to-School Webinars that give K–12 educators and administrators an overview of the utility and features of Wolfram|Alpha in education. Educators are showing interest in and enthusiasm for Wolfram|Alpha, and we look forward to helping them incorporate it into their classrooms.

The webinars will be presented by Holland Lincoln, Manager of Education and Business Development, and will feature a live Q&A.

To register for a Wolfram|Alpha Back-to-School Webinar, please click one of the four sessions listed below. Each session is limited to 100 participants. Sign up today to secure your space!

Click here to check out the information and free registration.

Thanks to Richard Byrne who posted this article on his blog.


One response to “Free Wolfram Alpha Webinar Series

  1. thanks Brian…this is great…want to use WA with my classes more and hope this session will jump-start things for me!

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