Grade Transferer

Here is a huge timesaver if you are using Google Classroom!

Open Google Chrome, go to and click “Add to Chrome”.

Open Google Classroom, click to a class, click to open an assignment in the Google Grading “Student Work” screen, click each student, add a grade and any comments.

Click the “Grade Transferer” icon in the Chrome Extensions section top right of your browser.  Click “Grab Data”.

Log in to Genesis, go to the assignment grading screen.  Click the “Grade Transferer” icon in the Chrome Extensions section top right of your browser.  Click “Fill Data”.

It copies and pastes all grades to all students!

Here are a few more tips if you want to fully automate the process so the grades can be easily imported from auto scoring Google Forms, Quizzes and Sheets:


Google Teacher Insight

Many Shawnee teachers are using Google Products:

Forms response chart. Question title: Which of the following do you use?  Check all that apply.. Number of responses: 130 responses.

Many want training on Classroom:

Forms response chart. Question title: Which of the following would you use if you had the opportunity to learn more about it? Please check all that apply.. Number of responses: 112 responses.

Comments and suggestions summary:

  • Teachers would like more opportunities for guided training time and certification.  If you would like to set up a personal training session, please email me.  Other ideas might be a common planning session, a department meeting session, or an inservice session request.
  • Perhaps opening up Google+ as a PLN (Personal Learning Network) might be beneficial for sharing ideas more publicly.  We would have to ask to turn it on at admin level. Or perhaps a searchable and threaded message board would be best.  I think a public collaboration space, similar to our Facebook group, but geared toward common planning and curricular advancement would be beneficial.
  • A few requested for a more visible technology assistance page which is now a link to “Teacher Resources” on the main webpage top left column, under site shortcuts.


  • A few requested for opening up more Google suite tools- Gmail, Sketchup, Google+.  It is a conversation that continues with administration, and changes are being carefully considered with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order effects in mind.

Overall, this was the highest participation and fastest submission to a Shawnee form request I’ve seen; I think due to how important it is in our day to day operations.  Please leave a comment or send me an email if you’d like to discuss.

Record Voice and Screen: Screen Capture Options…

Special thanks to Chris Lorenz.

Reasons to Screen Capture courtesy of Screencastify:

Flipped Classrooms

Record lectures and allow students to absorb material at their own pace while boosting in-class engagement.

P.D. Training

Gone are the days of time consuming, repetitive trainings. Instructional screencasts save teachers hours.

Verbal Feedback

Teachers give more thoughtful, personal feedback by recording themselves reviewing a student’s work.

Proof of Learning

Show students explaining themselves before and after a course to demonstrate learning and improvement.

Interactive Assignments

Students record themselves practicing languages, giving a speech, talking through a problem, and much more.

Cheating Mitigation

Teachers ask students to speak through test answers, and can view both screen and webcam activity.

Google Inservice Follow Up

Here are the notes from each section (you might have to log into Google with your LR account to view):

1. Google Drive Apps

2. Google Drive and Google Classroom

Part 1
Part 2

3. Google Drive, Google Classroom and Automation

I am available for Google assistance! Come to A111 any period and we can work together to design lessons.

Creating Calendars for Multiple Categories-Set up for LRHSD App.

You may want or need to create multiple calendars for different clubs, activities, sports or categories.

I will be briefly presenting at the activity advisors meeting tomorrow, but in case you miss it here is how you can create a calendar that pushes events to the LRHSD App.

Click here for directions for Google Calendar.

Click here for directions for Schoolwires.

Useful Google Teacher Tech- Rich Kiker

I think Rich Kiker sparks inspiration and starts momentum in new directions for teachers.  There are plenty of acquisition and meaning-making sites on his dashboard (built within a Google site with Symbaloo):

He pitched Google Classroom which we have been working with for 2 years.  For those of you thinking about giving it a try, watch the classroom 101 video:

Rich also sent along the link to his portal, please enter your email address here:

Click here for the form.

If you need a coach and accountability partner please schedule a time to meet with me.



Shawnee Technology Links Discussed in Today’s Meeting-10-20-15

  1. Google Classroom- Sign up for discussion and collaboration.
  2. Google Calendar for planning.
  3. Google Add On- Attendance Sorter, Developed by Shawnee senior, Tovly Deutsch.  Tutorial Video click here.